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    Early pioneer in the Web3 space. Coined the term Decentralized Applications (Dapps) in 2013. Decentralist & advocate for human freedom.

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  • David is focusing on increasing human freedom

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    Experimenting with Smart Agents. Connecting Web3 Wallets, Smart Contracts & LLMs. All open sourced.


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  • Johnston's Law was coined in 2014 at the Coin Summit Conference by David Johnston in an effort describe the trend toward peer to peer systems and decentralized applications.


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  • Talking decentralization, blockchains, and his other passions at conferences and in interviews.


    David attends about 1 conference each month, email him about speaking at events at least 3 months in advance.

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    Speaking in Singapore

    Speaking in Dubai

    Interview with Money & Tech

    Interview at Inside Bitcoins Event in Las Vegas

  • Press Kit Type Material

    Below are a few useful facts that you might be checking for an article you are writing.

    • Name: David A. Johnston (note: last name has a "t").
    • David was born in the D.C. / Baltimore area in the 1980's
    • David started his first multi million dollar company at the age of 19 in the biofuels industry ($5.9 million renewable project)
    • David co-founded 7 tech startups before the age of 30
    • David now lives and works in Puerto Rico.
    • David co-founded the BitAngels Network in May of 2013
    • David co-founded the Dapp Fund in early 2014
    • David started his family office Yeoman's Capital in 2016
    • David co-founded 1st blockchain venture studio 2018
    • David lead Strategy at DLTx a public company in 2021.
    • Career details can be located on David's Linkedin page
    • Investment details can be located on David's Angel List page
  • From the "General Theory of Decentralized Applications" whitepaper to developing best practices for distributed communities, David works to push beyond the edge of where innovation is taking place.

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    This paper defined for the first time in 2013 the Dapps model for building public blockchains & open source / tokenized applications.

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    This paper defined for the first time in 2023 the Smart Agents framework for connecting Web3 Wallets, Smart Contracts, & LLMs

  • Macro Trends That Matter

    These are the Macro Trends that David has closely followed the past two decades and have in turn driven the direction of his career from internet software, to aerospace, to biofuels / biotech and finally to machine learning/ personal data aggregation, artificial intelligence and blockchains.

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    Commercialization of Space

    In the past 20 years the commercial space industry mainly through the efforts of Space X has pushed down costs to low earth orbit from $22,000 to $3,300 USD per kilogram. As reusable boosters become a reality this cost ratio is likely to dramatically improve again and for the first time bring the economics of space travel into the range of business for mining and other purposes. In the early 2000's David made his first venture into aerospace, only to find the economics of launch vehicles were not yet ready to support private space resource commercialization. With this equation finally tipping toward a new more economically attractive status, there will likely be great strides in this trend in the near to middle term.

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    Transition to Renewables

    The clothes you wear, the transportation you use, the abundant food you eat, the luxuries we all take for granted, are largely the result of the huge surplus of energy we enjoy. However as finite fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas become ever more expensive to find, extract, and refine it is ever cheaper wind, solar and nuclear power that will serve as the growing means for us to continue maintaining our energy rich societies. Realizing this trend in the mid 2000's David developed first a biofuels company in Maryland and later a biotech company in Louisiana, and a Solar project in Hawaii in order to take advantage of this new economic reality of expensive oil and cheaper renewable energy.

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    Technological Acceleration

    In our lifetimes we can all bare witness to the unimaginable improvements in computational power, storage and bandwidth that have taken place. As Moore's Law passes its 50th year with no sign of abating, David has followed this trend closely by first investing heavily in the development of internet technology in the late 1990's & has since in the early 2010's ventured into developing machine learning, natural language processing and personal data aggregation applications that leverage these trends.

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    Rise of the Asian Economies

    Between China, India, & ASEAN nearly half of humanity is racing through the stages of economic development. The effects of which are altering global economics, politics, and pushing the earth inevitably toward a multi polar world. Web3 users globally are heavily based in Asia and as a result David has spent many trips speaking in many Asian cities.

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